On 8/2/2003 Dave and Scott arrived on the beach in Florence, OR. They have officially "Run The USA"!

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11/07/2003 - USA Today

This article titled "Ex-Bucknell cross country runner does exactly that" focuses on Dave Bronfenbrenner and the historic run.


08/05/2003 - Pa Sehon's Keeping Score

Pa Sehon says it like only a father can in this wrap-up of the run that I took from his weekly newsletter. It was great to spend the last few days of the run with Scott & Dave's family. It's clear where they get it from.


07/23/2003 - Nugget News

This is a paper from Sisters, OR where the boys past through. The article talks about their time in OR and the people they met there. It also recounts the journey. Great picture too, haven't seen too many articles with one this good. The title is "Trans-America runners near goal". You can see a cached copy here.


07/06/2003 - Metro Sports Boston

This is not a new article, it was written a few months ago I think, but since this the first link I've had to it, I'm going to put it at the top of the list. This was written by fellow Bucknell XC Alum Bob "Doc" Murdock. He likes the part about the albino raccoon. You can see a cached copy here.


06/27/2003 - yournews2.com

Pa Sehon posted about Dave and Scott in his online column Keeping Score. It's just a short blurb, but we're happy to share it to show how proud he is of Scott. We hear rumors of two weeks of sharing a couch when Scott returns how to watch sports. This has not been confirmed. You can see a cached copy here.


06/27/2003 - magicvalley.com

Off and running ... Men pass through MV on their coast-to-coast run ran in the The Times-News newpaper of Twin Falls, ID. There's a great picture of the buys pushing their stroller past an 18-wheeler rig on I-84 near Jerome, ID. You can see a cached copy here.


06/23/2003 - Winston-Salem Journal

Westward, Ho - Two guys and a stroller find friends everywhere appeared in the Winston-Salem Journal in North Carolina on June 23rd. The article starts, "Lots of people have run across the United States. Typically, a support crew follows in a vehicle. Its job is to make sure that the Gatorade is cold, the socks are fresh, and the beds are soft." And goes on to talk about how that wasn't what Scott and Dave wanted on their journey. You can see a cached copy here.


05/14/2003 - Pa Sehon Press Release

Pa Sehon put together this press release to call attention to the boys as they passed the midpoint of the journey. We're happy to post it here and hope that it brings more traffic to our little piece of cyber heaven. You can get to the article with the link below.


05/08/2003 - York News-Times

Running, just to run appeared in the York News-Times on May 8th. The article talks about their run and specifically their NE stops, including a stay with host Verle Stahr who is pictured with Scott and Dave on the page. You can see a cached copy here.


05/05/2003 - Journal Star

Bucknell friends living on the run appeared in the Lincoln, NE Journal Star, starting with this: "Call them two men and a baby jogger. Call them insane. Just be sure you call them, because they might need a place to stay." We couldn't put it better ourselves. Thanks for the article! You can see a cached copy here.


05/01/2003 - Bucknell World

Thanks to Bucknell for staying true to the alumni! They printed this nice article in The Bucknell World, which is our alumni magazine. We appreciate the plug for WebSwerve at the end of the article. You can see a cached copy here.


05/01/2003 - MissourianOnline.com

Runner's trek comes through the 'Ville appeared on the website of the The Northwest Missourian on May 1st. The article starts, "Sixty-seven days ago, two seasoned runners began the journey of their lives with little more than sleeping bags, a digital camera and their feet in the Atlantic ocean." You can see a cached copy of the article here, as well as a cached copy of the new page with their picture here.


04/17/2003 - The Macomb Eagle

Running down a dream appeared in the Macomb, IL Eagle. The paper writes, "Were these two crazy men escapees from the county jail, involved in a baby stroller theft? Had they spent the night in Macomb, looking for cover, and then running off to commit their next act of injustice?" You can see a cached copy here.


04/10/2003 - USAToday.com

Thanks to Kit Mueller who submitted us to "Hip Clicks" on the USAToday.com website. This is the second mention we've gotten on that site. It's a real thrill for us and has driven a lot of traffic. Thanks to USA Today for the support. You can see the cached copy here.


04/09/2003 - Alyasiri Race Report

Running a 5,000 K !!! appeared on Seanan AlYasiri's personal site. Scott and Dave ran with him while they were in his area and met with the Ride the Wave training group. The article links to a few pictures of the boys with some of the locals, including their hosts. Thanks all for your support. You can see a cached copy here.


03/31/2003 - Post-Gazette.com

On the Fringe: Duo out to compete cross country feat appeared on the 31st on the Pittsburgh, PA Post-Gazette website. In this HILARIOUS article, the MD 20/20 challenge is laid out as follows: "They've pledged to drink a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 for every empty bottle of the cheap wine they see on the roadway while running (they each owe one thus far). They push a baby jogger that holds their gear because after five days with 14-pound backpacks, Sehon says, 'Our knees were getting creamed.'" This is the funniest thing written about the boys off this website. Kudos to the author. You can see a cached copy here.


03/31/2003 - h-ponline.com

Runners crossing USA will pause in Huntington appeared on the website of Huntington, IN's Herald Press. Thanks for drumming up support for the runners! You can see a cached copy here. There are problems with the archived version as far as includes on the server, but you can still read the text.


03/28/2003 - The Bucknellian

Alumni run accross United States appeared in the student newspaper of Bucknell University, The Bucknell. I posted this story now because I just learned of this link recently. Thanks to our former BUXC and current RTB Relay teammate Evan Honeyfield for the press. You can see a cached copy here.


03/27/2003 - Memphis Democrat

Runners Looking For Hosts In Memphis As They Cross USA appeared in The Memphis (MO) Democrat. "Are they protesting the war? Raising money for a special cause? Trying to generate awareness of a political or social issue true to their hearts? What's the motivation behind the two men that are running across the United States and making their way towards Memphis?" Thanks for the coverage! You can see the cached copy here.


03/27/2003 - theaquinas.com

I kept running and running appeared in The Aquinas, The Student Voice of The University of Scranton. The boys' journey is described as 'less "Spring Break" and more "Oregon Trail"-much more.' You might want to look at the cached copy here since you have to log into the site to read the real copy.


03/26/2003 - crescent-news.com

"Everyone has dreams, few ever really accomplish the large and formidable ones. That is just what Scott Sehon and Dave Bronfenbrenner, two friends and former Bucknell University cross country teammates, plan on as they once again become 'cross country' teammates." -- as appeared in the Crescent News of Defiance, OH. You can see a cached copy here. Sorry about the broken images, by the time we heard of this one, it was already archived on their site.


03/26/2003 - butlerhohr.com

Scott and Dave's hosts posted this article on their realestate company's website after the boys came their way. Their son sparked one of the more in-depth discussions on the site when he taught them how to play weltball. You can see a cached copy here.


03/25/2003 - Wabash Plain Dealer

Wabash part of runner trek across America appeared on the Wabash, IN website of the Wabash Plain Dealer on the 25th. It starts off with the Mastercard parody: "Running shoes $90. Back pack $55. Sleeping bag $85. Running across the United States not knowing where you are going to stay each night insane!" The local coverage like this is our favorite. Keep it up America! You can see a cached copy here.


03/19/2003 - The Sharon Herald

Runners pass through on cross-country adventure appeared in the Sharon Herald on the 19th of March. The article marvels at the oddity that is the run and talks about the family who hosted them in that area. You can see a cached copy here.


03/14/2003 - Bucknell University Website

Bucknell University, where Scott and Dave attended college (class of 2000), has posted a blurb on the front page of their website about the run, and linking to the website. Thanks to Bucknell and its alumni for all the support! You can see a cached copy of the page here.


03/12/2003 - Shreveport Times.com

The Extra Mile: Following a challenging feat via the Internet was one of TODAY'S HEADLINES on the Shreveport Times website out of Northwest Louisiana. Reporter Sam Hammontree contacted the boys on the road after reading about their trek on letsrun.com. You can see a cached copy here.


03/03/2003 - Runner's World

Run The USA: Dave Bronfenbrenner and Scott Sehon go it alone is the FEATURED STORY on RunnersWorld.com today. Dave and Scott stopped in at the office of the running mag when they were in Allentown a few days ago. They were treated to donuts and free socks, among other things. You can see the cached version here and another version here.


02/28/2003 - The Princeton Packet

The Princeton Packet is running a story about Dave and Scott being hosted by the Boudreau family of Montgomery, NJ. The story even features a picture of Dave and Scott on the front steps with Jeffrey, Susan, Jack, Claire and James Boudreau. You can view the cached page here.


02/28/2003 - The Morning Call

The Morning Call of Allentown, PA has run a story about Dave and Scott titled "Running Cross Country - Sea To Sea". The page is cached here for your convenience.


02/27/2003 - Yahoo! Picks

RunTheUSA.com is the Yahoo! Pick of the Day for 2/27/2003, and somehow the people at Yahoo! specifically picked "The Tale of the Tape" to link to! Looks like someone at Yahoo! has a sense of humor! The page is cached here for your convenience.


02/26/2003 - The Derrick

The Derrick and News Herald of Oil City, PA is featuring a story about Scott Sehon which begins as follows: Scott Sehon and his friend are making the 3,200 mile trek without a support vehicle, and their lodgings and food will be at the mercy of volunteers along the way. The story is cached here.


02/24/2003 - Runner's World

The "Daily Bookmark" on the Runner's World News Page features runtheusa.com on the first day of Scott and Dave's journey! The page is cached here.


02/21/2003 - USAToday.com

Dave and Scott's run has made the front page of USA Today's WebGuide in the Tech section of usatoday.com! We've cached the pages here and here on runtheusa.com so that you can access them even after the content on usatoday.com changes!


02/19/2003 - Metafilter.com

Run, Forrest, Run! Apparently some people on the Net have some things to say about Dave and Scott's ambitious run! One individual with a subscription to Hooked on Phonics even posts the following: I read that as 'These guys are running the United States'. What, are they the secret Masonic cabal?


02/03/2003 - Las Vegas Sun

In an interview with Rob Miech, Dave talks about his 2003 Las Vegas Marathon win and the cross country run, saying "[Scott and I] have always thought about it, and we're at a point in our lives where it's now or never... Nothing is tying us down."


02/03/2003 - Las Vegas Sun

A photograph of Dave as he crosses the finish line in first place in the 2003 Las Vegas Marathon weeks before the cross country run is to begin.